We've all done the famous Van Gogh Sunflowers, but these second grade ones turned out so great! What made them really pop was the way that the students put a reflective twist on the vase. Along with actually popping out a flower or two.
Using oil pastels, the students drew and colored three sunflowers, varying the sizes. As a group, we did a follow along drawing and coloring of the vase and instead of writing Van Gogh's name, the students wrote their own.
Collage is so fun at this age! Putting it all together consisted of creating a table to set the vase on, cutting out the vase and gluing it on the table, cutting out the sunflowers and adding some cardboard tabs to the back, gluing the flowers down and lastly adding the stems. The cardboard tabs were glued to the back of one or two flowers to make them pop out after gluing.


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