wayne thiebaud cakes...

These cakes were inspired by Wayne Thiebaud. There is a super neat video on You Tube from the CBS Sunday Morning. Once I figure out how to load that video, I will attach it for you.
So back to the cakes...we practiced and practiced that elliptical and turning it into a 3D form. Getting the "slice" into it was also a feat to master! One thing that I did to help them out with the elliptical was to have them get off their stools, stand directly over the top of the stool and use their hands to "outline" the circle in the air, holding their hands in the air. Next, I had them squat down and look at the top of the stool, use their hands to "outline" the top of the stool and they saw the elliptical. Kinda neat.
The students used oil pastels because it made texture that sort of looked like frosting. We all made a cake stand together on this awesome silver paper that was donated a few years ago. Lastly, the kids carefully cut out their cake, cut out their cake stand and glued it to a contrasting color.


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