playing with new flip video...

Ok, I know this has nothing to do with my classroom or teaching art, but I am playing around with the new Flip Video that our school has purchased, so I thought I would share this video with you. So far it's pretty easy to use, upload to my computer, make a fun movie, and post on a website. Enjoy!! (Just think about the fun commercials that this could be used for - how to glue properly, how to use a paint brush properly, making short claymation movies, etc.)

p.s...this video is of my dog, Henley, who was rescued from a shelter in another state. He was born in a kennel, on a concrete floor and really had no human contact until he was rescued around a month of age. He has become greatly attached to myself and my family, but unfortunately he is terrified of strangers because of his early experiences with humans. We have had Henley about nine months now and has been doing agility classes with me and loves it! I read that was suppose to help shy and timid dogs...anyhow, this is Henley fetching in my yard early on a Saturday morning. (I found him on


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