texture dragons...

My second graders had a blast with these and they are so creative!!! We started out talking about texture and gave lots of examples, felt our pants and shirts, looked at the trees outside and talked about the pets we have.

I gave each table black crayons (yeah, I know the picture shows lots of colored crayons, but we only used black), texture cards and a white 12x18" paper. I demonstrated filling up the paper with a variety of textures using the black crayon.

Once that step was completed, I then told the kids that they were making dragon skin. Wow - they thought that was SO cool! We used the cake tempera paints to fill up with lots of colors.

The next art class the students either used tracers for the body, head and tail, or they cut them out themselves. I had them trace or draw on the back of their painted paper and finally cut the pieces out. They glued the three together and used a variety of colored construction paper to create the eyes, nostrils, legs, spikes, and flames.
And, WA-LA! Instant texture dragon!


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