water slides and roller coasters...

You know how you have SO MUCH left over paper from cutting and cutting and cutting??!! I decided to turn those scraps into strips that would help teach the kindergarten kids about line. When they first walked into the art room they were given one long strip of paper. Sitting on the carpet area we discussed the types of lines that we saw in the room.

Holding the strip of paper in their hands, we manipulated it to make a curved line, then a wavy line, a zig-zag line, and lastly a loopy line. Obviously, the hardest line for the kinders to make was the zig-zag line. But with some patience and assistants, we all got through it.

A quick demo on where to put the dot of glue and counting until "16" while holding it down. Sixteen is my favorite number and one that the students probably don't usually stop at, which kinda kept their attention.

So, back to their tables to work as I passed out five more strips of different colored paper at a medium pace to fill up the whole hour. Teaching for 14 years has taught me to slow down and do things in little steps for the kinders - they work so quickly!

Oh - the kids thought these creations looked like water slides and roller coasters!!


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