william wegman...

These HAVE GOT TO BE one of the most fun projects to do!!!!! Not only for the kids, but for ME, too! If you have a SmartBoard in your classroom, I have a lesson for this project with links to You Tube which I can send if you would like to use it. There are some great short clips on You Tube with William Wegman and his dogs.

Throughout the entire calendar year, I am scouring magazines for dog and cat pictures that can be used for this project. I have a huge file folder full of them! I also talked with my veterinarian and asked him if I could have any old and out dated Dog Fancy and Cat Fancy magazines. So, needless to say, I am set on pics of dogs and cats for a while!

Here are the list of things that the students had to have included in this project:
1. A theme
2. One, two or three dog or cat faces
3. The student's own drawing
4. Use colored pencils
5. A title

For each project that I introduce to my students, about 90% of the project have a direction sheet that I have created so that not only are the students hearing about and looking at the examples of the project, but they can have the direction sheet with them to refer back to when they are working. This is something that I have done for a while so I have a couple file cabinets full of direction sheets for numerous projects. It sure helps with planning!!!!

As you can see, this project was super fun for the kids and I think they all did an awesome job!! I am sure Mr. Wegman would be impressed.


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