getting itchy

I am getting that itchy feeling of change. Even though we still have SO MUCH SNOW and the temperature isn't cooperating with us Minnesotans, I need some change! So, please bear with me while I play around with some new design ideas.

Does anyone have a favorite site they use for free blog designs that you could share? So far I haven't found what I am looking for. I am a swirly gal who like color and swirls, swirls and a few flowers here and there. I will keep looking until I find that perfect fit for me.

Oh - like how the heck do I change the words on those little tabs right about here, and how can I use them? There isn't a way for me to do that on the editing page. Can't there be something so easy and pretty and fun that all I have to do it add the html and be done with it!?

Enjoy your day!


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