projects, projects, and even more projects...

With the creation of Pinterest, how can one manage a blog and do so much looking on the web??!!! Here are a few projects we have been working on in the art room...

Kindergarten Magic Carpets Lines, patterns, and still learning how to glue!

First Grade Turkeys The sticker eyes really make these look so fun!

First Grade Ornaments Drawing with curved lines, creating patterns with shapes, coloring our best with crayons.

Second Grade Texture Creatures Using texture card rubbings and those so fun eyeball stickers the kids created these creatures.

Fifth Grade Zentangles Students used metal to create a Zentangle, colored with permanent markers, attached to a square black paper, extended their continuous line from the metal onto the black paper and filled in using construction paper crayons. Love, love, love these. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


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